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Public Partnerships (PPL)

PPL is a national organization dedicated to assisting organizations and persons implement consumer-direct care. DMAS has contracted with PPL to provide fiscal employer agent services for individuals choosing a consumer-directed care model, including criminal background checks on potential employees, receiving, verifying and processing all time sheets, maintaining payroll records and processing all tax forms and payments for the IRS. PPL processes enrollment, employment documents, payroll, invoices and withholds, deposits, and files taxes on behalf of individuals who self-direct care in Virginia’s Medicaid Waivers.


PPL’s expanded role in the MFP project: PPL is responsible for tracking and reimbursing local transition coordinator agencies’ expenditures for transition services for each MFP enrolled individual and for the distribution of payments to vendors for goods and services purchased. PPL will conduct desk audits to validate the legitimacy of items/services purchased, provide direct reimbursement of expenditures to community-based agencies, and produce monthly spending reports. A secure website is available that provides case managers and transition coordinators access to individual expenditure and balance information for transition services. This website will enable on-line submission of claims reimbursement requests, tracking individual monetary balances, and will provide the ability to generate reports.

For additional information, please visit http://www.publicpartnerships.com or call (804) 200-4001 or 866-259-3009.